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Bodegas Toro Albalá

Don PX Gran Reserva 1986

Price: $52.00 (average US retail)
Size: 750ml
Winery: Bodegas Toro Albalá
Vintage Year: 1986
Country: Spain
Region: Andalucía
Appellation: D.O. Montilla-Moriles


Select lots of Pedro Ximénez are destined for oak barrels, sealed and left for decades in single-vintage state. After a minimum of 25 years, vintages are selected for release only when they have attained classic character. Opaque, black mahogany color with a caramel-like bite.

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1990) - "The 1990 Don PX Gran Reserva has unusually high sugar, close to 400 grams (when this range is usually less than 360). Compared with the rest of wines, this feels like a very good value. These wines mature in old 550-liter American oak casks for decades, and the wines have great concentration. It felt unusually perfumed, a little spirity and with notes that made me think of Moscatel—notes of orange peel and flowers, and of course the raisin and dry dates and figs from these wines made with raisins. It's sweet and dense like motor oil and leaves a combination of raisins and chocolate in the spicy and faintly warm finish."

93 Points
Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate, Jun 30, 2019

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1988) - "In spite of its age and the opaque, mahogany color, this has remarkable vitality. Lush, raisin character and a silky, creamy texture on the palate. The acidity lifts the rich finish nicely. Drink or hold."

93 Points
James Suckling,, Oct 8, 2018

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1988) - "Tasting old sweet PX from Toro Albalá is like a roller coaster ride, which started with the 1988 Don PX Gran Reserva, what for them is their more commercial range, a wine that at close to 30 years of age is still unbottled. They compared it with the 1981 (which I never tasted), because it was a warm year with an exceptional harvest. It has 16.4% alcohol, 340 grams of residual sugar and mixes notes of youth, raisins, figs and dates with other aromas of a long aging like tar, graphite, chocolate and licorice."

91-93 Points
Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate, Dec 29, 2017

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1987) - "Heady, enticing treacly nose, notes of molasses, dried banana, coffee, figs and walnuts. Immensely concentrated palate, buttery toffee, spice, aniseed and refreshing acidity on leafy long finish."

95 Points, Gold Award
Decanter, World Wine Awards, May 25, 2017

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1987) - "Each year they select a number of single vintage, sweet PX wines to be bottled, the first of which (besides the young wine) is the 1987 Don Px Gran Reserva in 2016 - a wine aged in American oak casks for some 28 years. These wines are almost indestructible, so the drinking windows are mostly academic. This showcases the classical aromas and palate of an old PX from Montilla, strong notes of dark chocolate, dried figs and plums, raisins and sweet spices; the dense, thick and persistent palate where the 380 grams of unfermented sugar are not noticeable, as they are balanced by good acidity that also gets concentrated by age. This is probably the densest of all the wines I tasted today, and there is a distinct, perfumed, almost floral note here (is it violet pastille?), which makes it extremely attractive. It's also the most drinkable of all these old vintages, very balanced within its sweet profile, with marked flavors (also licorice and black olives) that stay in your mouth for one minute. Exotic and exuberant. This is incredibly young and lively, and very good value for the age and quality it delivers. 52,000 liters bottled in 750- and 375-milliliter bottles. The price is for a 750-milliliters."

94 Points
Luis Gutiérrez, Wine Advocate, Apr 1, 2016

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1987) - "This is very fresh and dense with dried orange peel, toffee and caramel aromas and flavors. Medium to full body, very sweet and flavorful. Maple syrup aftertaste. Fascinating sweet wine. Drink now."

93 Points
James Suckling,, Jul 24, 2017

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1986) - "This dark brown dessert wine is actually a sherry. You would never guess this wine is made from a white grape. While it is not for everyone, those that tried it liked its style and flavors, loved it. It opens with a with an appealing raisin bouquet with hints of brown bread and fig. On the palate, this wine is full bodied, creamy and smooth. The flavor profile is plum and ripe raisin blend with notes of coffee nips, olives and molasses. The finish is dry and fades away nicely. The tasting panel was enamored by this unique wine. They suggested pairing it with a slice of pecan pie. Enjoy – KWGTP"

92 Points
Ken Hoggins, Ken's Wine Guide, Aug 1, 2016

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1986) - "Toro Albalá has been releasing vintage-dated, sweet wines in chronological order for a while (I have great memories of the 1972) and the 'current' release is the 1986 Don PX Gran Reserva, which is a dark, sweet and concentrated dessert wine aged in American oak casks until bottling in June 2014. It has 350 grams of residual sugar. It's extremely dark, motor oil-dense, sweet wine with notes of raisins, hints of flowers, minty with aromas of candied orange peel and herbs, really aromatic and showy. The palate is dense, with the sweetness balanced by good acidity plus spicy and chocolate flavors. "

92 Points
Luis Gutierrez, Wine Advocate, Dec 1, 2014

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1985) - "Colour: dark mahogany. Nose: complex, expressive, floral, blasamic herbs, balanced, dried fruit, fruit liqueur notes. Palate: full, flavourful, elegant, unctuous."

94 Points
Guía Peñín, Jun 1, 2013

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1983) - "The 1983 Don PX Gran Reserva has been aged in old oak barrels until bottled in 2012, and is several steps up in age and complexity. Here the dominant notes are tar, graphite, smoke, roasted coffee and dark chocolate. It's extremely concentrated, dense and sweet, ends very spicy with curry notes and stays in your mouth for minutes. Drink 2013-2025."

91 Points
Luis Gutiérrez, Wine Advocate, Aug 1, 2013

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1982) - "More like a syrup than a wine, this has an unctuous texture, hitting with notes of caramel that slowly melt into smoky, saline flavors. A wine to drink in small sips or to glaze beef ribs."

93 Points
Patricio Tapia, Wine & Spirits, Jun 1, 2011

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1979) - "Aromas of fresh fig and roses pick up treacle and smoke notes in this distinctive fortified wine. It's mellow, and it remains persistent through the long finish. Drink now."

90 Points
Bruce Sanderson, Wine Spectator, Jan 1, 2008

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1979) - "From just outside of Jerez comes this savory-sweet wine with thick dried fig, green olive and wild herb flavors. -3 stars"

Jamal A. Rayyis, Food & Wine, Wine Guide, Dec 31, 2007

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Overview: Founded in 1844, occupying Aguilar de la Frontera's former power station in 1922. In 1970 Toro Albalá was the first Montilla producer to commercialize bottled dessert Pedro Ximénez and remains the world's only specialist in 100% Vintage PX. Impeccable and authentic Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso containing only the natural alcohol from fermentation are produced by the classic solera method.

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History: This prestigious family estate was founded in 1844 in Aguilar de la Frontera by the great-grandfather of current owner Antonio Sánchez. In 1922 José María Toro Albalá moved the facilities to the current location in Aguilar’s old power station, introducing updated technologies and establishing Toro Albalá as Montilla’s quality leader. In 1970, Toro Albalá became the first Montilla producer to bottle Dessert Pedro Ximénez—a product historically sold in bulk to producers and shippers in D.O. Jerez-Xérès-Sherry for aging and blending. Toro Albalá remains the world’s only specialist in the commercialization of 100% Vintage Dessert PX, their Gran Reserva aged a minimum of 25 years in barrel before release.

Bodegas Toro Albalá owns significant vineyard acreage in Aguilar de la Frontera and Moriles, exclusively Pedro Ximénez vines planted in chalky-white albariza soils. Grapes from older head-pruned vines are destined to the meticulous production of vintage dessert wines, whereas newer wire-trained vineyards provide fresher fruit with brighter acids for the production of impeccably clean, complex and smooth Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso containing only the natural alcohol from fermentation.

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Don PX Gran Reserva (1979)

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