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Martínsancho Bodega y Viñedos

Martínsancho Gran Vino de Rueda 2020

Price: $23.00 (average US retail)
Size: 750ml
Winery: Martínsancho Bodega y Viñedos
Vintage Year: 2020
Highest Rating: 89pts ( Ken's Wine Guide)
Country: Spain
Region: Castilla y León


A highly extractive, herbaceous and minerally-complex Verdejo with excellent aging capacity and a perennial hallmark wine for the region. This new designation for Martinsancho Verdejo reflects the new regulations for Gran Vino, including 30 years min vineyard age, 6500kg maximum yield per hectare, and 65 percent maximum must yield weight. Martinsancho exceeds these standards by large margins. 50 yrs vine age, 3000kg maximum yield, 40 to 50 percent maximum must yield. This Gran Vino de Rueda sets a new high standard for Verdejo in Castilla y Leon.

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Martínsancho Gran Vino de Rueda (2020) - "100 percent Verdejo from La Seca. Bush vines. 20000 bottles. Historic winery founded in 1780. Tasted blind. Clearly unoaked. Peachy, flowers and passion fruit. A very tropical and expressive style of wine. Creamy and umami style. Very round and very fruity palate. A bit Alsatian. Very well made aiming for a more primary and varietal profile. 2022 - 2024"

16.5 points
Jancis Robinson, Jancis Robinson, Jul 29, 2022

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Overview: Martínsancho is Angel Rodríguez' 17th-century vineyard responsible for the preservation of Rueda's indigenous Verdejo grape. Cuttings from here were used in 1976 to establish a 25-acre vineyard planted in the traditional head-pruned fashion and dry-farmed. Low-yield "Verdejo" apports viscosity and a long finish while retaining a delicate floral nose.

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History: The emergence of Rueda as a prestigious white wine region is the story of a unique grape called Verdejo. Although among only a small handful of truly noble Spanish white varieties, it was in danger of extinction by the early 1970s due to pervasive planting of more prolific producers such as Viura and Palomino. Angel Rodríguez saved the shy-bearing, thick-skinned Verdejo through loving refusal to uproot his 17th-century vineyard, Martínsancho. For his untiring efforts in favor of reestablishing Verdejo's prominence in its region of origin he was officially honored by King Juan Carlos. The "majuelo" (plot) of Martínsancho is less than an acre of gnarled vines, preserved in isolation as a museum of prephylloxera viticulture and as a continuing source of undisputed varietal authenticity, treasured by nurseries throughout Europe. In 1976, Angel regrafted 25 acres of his best vineyard, using Martínsancho cuttings. The alluvial soil is pure gravel to a depth of over 30 feet. The harsh continental climate and extreme altitude of Old Castile, together with the soil's austere inhospitality to all types of insects and bacteria, allow for the practice of completely organic viticulture. Production of Martínsancho is under 2,500 cases, its character informed by both the prephylloxeric vines and the 25-acre parcel planted in 1972. Harvest is carefully timed and rapidly completed, achieving consistent maturity and grape condition in even the most difficult vintages. Archetypical of authentic Verdejo is Martínsancho's refined, creamy bouquet with surprisingly long and complex finish.

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